Colman Connolly playing the uilleann pipes


Colman has led many workshops at folk festivals and Irish music events all around the world. If you would like to attend a week workshop with Colman and stay in London the most vibrant place to visit, contact him via phone or email below. Don’t miss a fantastic chance to improve your piping with one of the most respected uilleann piper!

Piping workshops normally cover special techniques associated with the uilleann pipes including the common ornaments used in traditional Irish piping (rolls, triplets, cuts and crans), some simple and more complex tunes and how to bring these tunes to life with exciting variations! They can also include advice on composing, arranging tunes, looking after and repairing your uilleann pipes and help with general posture. Colman also runs workshops on playing the uilleann pipes in sessions allowing you to gain confidence to get out and have fun making music with other people.