Colman Connolly playing the uilleann pipes


Colman is an experienced session musician who has recorded uilleann pipes, wooden flute and low whistles on an array of albums over the years. He's always interested in being involved in new recording projects. Click here" for his discography.

If you're looking for the sound of uilleann pipes, flute or low whistles to enhance a recording, either for background harmonies in a pop song, in film music or for fast Irish tunes, then Colman would be delighted to hear from you.

He plays regularly on recordings of every style from Irish to punk, jazz, rock, classical and traditional, always working along side the composer/producer to find the perfect sound to fit the recording. From a lifetime of learning tunes by ear and playing as a popular session musician, Colman is very adaptable and quick to play along with any genre of music and will give you a professional recording that suits your creative project quickly and without fuss.

Colman has recorded at recording studios across the UK, Ireland and Germany including Fox Music Records, Germany; Red Kite Studios, Mid Wales; Bridgerow Studios, South Wales; Penglasnant Records; The Music Workshop, Wilts; Remote Farm Studios, Cambridge; Andy Hill Studios, and numerous London studios.

Here are some samples of the recording projects he has been involved with over the years:

  • Sky Island 空島 - Li Wei Qing
  • Hold My Dream - Aisling
  • 'Blue' - Colman Connolly, Tobias Kurig & Franziska Urton
  • 'Road West' - Karen Ryan
  • 'Jumping Ahead' - Harriet Earis
  • 'Gallows Tree Tales' - Andy 'Slim' Black
  • 'Go For It'- Déirin Dé
  • 'Shake the Blossom Early' - Helen Roche
  • 'The Irish Wedding Album' - Sarah O'Kennedy
  • 'A Few Tunes Among Friends' - West London Comhaltas
  • 'Debut' - D.S.A