Colman Connolly playing the uilleann pipes

Tune Box

The Blackthorn Stick - Jig - Gmaj

Welcome to Colman's tunebox. From time to time, tunes that we like to play at sessions in London will be posted up here. Here is January's tune, the first of 2015! Colman learned The blackthornstick from the playing of the late piper Tommy Reck who hailed from Dublin and was taught by old John Potts father of Tommy Potts (closed style) {the link at the end of the manuscript goes into the second tune in the set 'Sean Bui'}

Sean Buí - Jig - Dmaj

So the second of my session tunes also comes from the playing of Tommy Reck off the album Stone in the Field.

Whelan's - Jig - Emin

Tommy Whelan was a flute player and a member of the Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players, from East Galway. This is the third in the set and a classic. One of the more common one on the London scene.